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George asks…

What sign is said to be influential, as if they have powerful presence that can influence others?

The sign that influences others. And also just by the look at them, they can either be a love or hate people. And these people are able to influence others, consciously or subconsciously.

And btw, what aspects in ones chart have to do with this?

InterCommTeam answers:


Nancy asks…

Please give an example that best demonstrates your ability to persuade and influence others?

This is the question which is been asked in my job application form..I have no idea what to write here as i cant remember of any situation where i could influence or persuade others. Please provide few suggestions to this answer. Thanks.

InterCommTeam answers:

Job applications are frequently tough – how should you fill them out? Should you follow them up when there is no response? I guess there’s no one answer but the site in the box below has some really awesome tips about this. It really helped me when I was composing job applications recently, plus they have alternative info on job hunting.

Susan asks…

How is misleading reasoning used to influence others?

how misleading reasoning is used to influence others.

InterCommTeam answers:

It is a form of manipulation. To be able to manipulate, you should know your victim’s weaknesses. You should observe them very good so you can second guess their reactions. Usually you can get them on something that they are most emotional because people who are under strong emotions always make mistakes.

@ radish: such a good examples. Thank you…

James asks…

how is misleading information used to influence others?

how is misleading information used to influence others?

InterCommTeam answers:

Routinely and regularly, because most people are sheep and easily swayed by what comes to be believed as ‘common’ opinion. People don’t bother to check accuracy if what they are hearing seems to agree with what they already think. “I saw it on TV?”.

Propaganda, newscasts from one of maybe three sources, the internet full of wild theories and unprovable allegations, are any of these to be believed? It’s ALL misleading, keep your grains of salt nearby.


Sharon asks…

Describe an occasion where you have demonstrated your ability to influence others?

demonstrated your ability to influence others?

InterCommTeam answers:

The many instances where my Answers are chosen by the asker. For example, the other day, I was chosen on the basis of, “You were the only one who didn’t give a mean answer.”

I don’t know if the asker actually believed what I answered, but I influenced him by my kindness.

Laura asks…

How did Albert Einstein influence others?

So how did he influence others with his equation e=mc2 or any other way
Please tell me!!
Thx in advance!!!

InterCommTeam answers:

By clearing the way for them to ask and answer questions they would not have though to ask previously.

Jenny asks…

How will subsidizing businesses and levying taxes on others influence rent seeking?

if the government becomes more heavily involved in subsidizing some businesses and sectors of the economy and levying taxes on others, how will this influence the quantity of rent seeking? How will this affect long term growth? Explain.

Thanks you

InterCommTeam answers:

Politicians sell favors to rent-seekers who are looking to reduce competition and/or make their business more profitable. Good example: domestic ethanol producers like ADM and corn growers provide campaign support to Congressmen, who in turn enact subsidies for domestic ethanol and tariffs on foreign ethanol.
Since subsidies reduce the efficiency of resource allocation, growth will be incrementally lower.

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